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Ask a New Orleanian to outline Gentilly on a map and you’ll probably get a lot of questions. That’s perfectly understandable, because Gentilly is actually a collection of neighborhoods — a lot like the unique combination of botanicals that come together to infuse our small-batch Gentilly Gin.

Which botanicals, you might ask? Our recipe goes way back to the traiteur — the faith healer of old French Louisiana — with elderflower, persimmon and other remedies from the Cajun medicine bag. The rest of the magic stays between us and the distillery walls, but trust us, when the air hangs so hot and heavy you could cut it with a knife, we suggest employing a delightfully cool Gentilly Gin cocktail, otherwise known as your secret summer breeze in a bottle. Our favorites are a crisp Gin & Tonic and the classic New Orleans Ramos Gin Fizz.

Premium Botanical Gin

  • Alcohol by Volume 43.5%
  • Proof 87
  • Origin New Orleans, LA
  • Local Ingredients Persimmon, Elderflower
  • Tasting Notes Goes Here

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